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Online dating has been a revolutionary step forward in our quest to finding love.
Never before were human beings able to communicate with others from the comfort
of their homes without opening their mouths or moving their feet.
At first thought, online dating may seem lazy. After all, you like the chase.
You like getting attention and you revel in the serendipity of it all.


No one likes to be rejected,

especially in public. No one likes getting attention from people they’re not attracted to, and no one wants a life of uncertainty.

When online dating is being discussed,

usually people talk about the potential risk. Rarely do they have a positive outlook on the subject.

On the other hand,

offline dating (proven to be an epic fail for most) continues to be viewed as “superior” to online dating. Ironic, isn’t it?

Online dating is not actually “online” dating

You don’t go on dates online. You only browse your options, send a message and then set up a time to meet.


You meet people from the comfort of home

Why is it a good thing to meet people from home? Well, to say online dating is efficient is an understatement. It really doesn’t get easier than browsing profiles and sending a message to someone who sparks your interest.

There’s no need to go to the club, to the coffee shop or to a house party to potentially find love. This makes the case that online dating really is for everyone.

If you don’t like going to the clubs, drinking coffee or don’t want to go outside in the snow for the sake of socializing, online dating is the perfect resource for you.

This solves the issue of “I don’t having enough time to make friends because I work all the time.” If you work full-time, you can easily use a dating site to chat with new people every single day.


You have more options

Whenever you go out to a club or bar, you really don’t have many options.

Think about it: If a club venue holds about 300 people, and let’s say half of them are male, you then have a one out of 150 chances of meeting someone you like, right?

Wrong. We all have a preference beyond gender.

Let’s say you’d prefer a Christian man who is over 25 and works at a good job. This brings you to the biggest problem in the world of meeting people offline: You have no idea if they match your preference until you talk to them.

That’s a huge waste of time.

Even if you did know how many Christian men who make a decent living were in the venue (Perhaps, the DJ yelled into the microphone, “Now all the single, Christian men with a job put your hands up!”), you’d still have the problem of limited options.

Out of the 150 men in the venue, let’s say only 50 of them match your preference. Now you have one out of 50 men who you might like. But not all 50 men will like you back, and you’ll certainly not find all of them attractive.

The problem goes on and on.


You’ll stick to your standards

We’ve all gotten caught in the heat of the moment, only to regret what you did and with whom you did it in the morning after.

Your standards exist for an important reason: They are indicators that you’ve wandered through life, being guiding in the right decision when choosing a mate.

When you’re out drinking with friends at 2 in the morning, your mind is blurred. So it’s much easier to hook up with someone who doesn’t meet your standards.

When you’re at home using a dating site, it’s harder to make those kinds of mistakes.


You’ll save a ton of money

There should be studies on how much money you can save with online dating versus offline dating. I suspect the amount would be surprising.

My Cupid offers a very low monthly fee – a price of one coffee. You don’t have to spend money on gas, lunch, coffee or drinks to get to know someone when you use a dating site.


You’ll have more privacy

People are so quick to call a girl a whore or slut. Unfortunately, that kind of name-calling is often put upon those who don’t deserve the label.

Online dating keeps your dating life more private. Why should your friend know who you’re talking to or how many people you’re talking to?

Unlike “real life,” you can easily just block someone from your inbox.

In theory, you can talk to 10 different people you’re attracted to and see who you clicked with the most, filtering out the ones you don’t like as time goes on.

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