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My Cupid has thousands of members, of all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientation. You can browse profiles before joining. If you like what you see, you can join and create your own profile for free. To contact other people and use the full set of features of Soulmates you must purchase a subscription.

We at My Cupid are committed to constantly innovating and enhancing the quality of our service to you. Based on your suggestions through the customer service desk and user research programs, we have been working on several aspects of the website, which are aimed to empower you and make your search for a life partner or friends fast, intuitive and easy.
We are happy to bring to you the beginning of My Cupid – which puts YOU at the forefront. Using latest technologies, rich interface applications, improved algorithms, comprehensive privacy options and personal settings that can be configured to suit your preferences; we aim to put more relevance, convenience, and control into your hands.



              How to use My Cupid                

It’s simple, the more you log in, search, express interest, the closer you get to your new friends and life partner.
Here are a few tips on How you can use My Cupid more effectively.

How does it work?

You can join by choosing a username, password and providing your email address, as well as telling us basic information about your gender and sexual preference.

You can pay using a credit or debit card. The secure payment will be processed by our payment provider. You will receive confirmation by email when your payment has been processed. My Cupid subscriptions can be canceled at any time on ‘your account’ page.

You can choose from 4 different subscriptions:

As a subscriber, you have access to the full gallery of pictures on My Cupid profiles, and all their profile information. You can run advanced searches. Most importantly, you can contact other members using our messaging service, at your computer or on your mobile phone. You also have options to filter and sort your search results to find people that match what you’re looking for.

You can create a profile about yourself, with pictures and information about your interests, and you can search and browse for other members. You can tell us what you are looking for in your matches, such as their age and location. You can read other users’ profiles, and add them to a list of people you like.

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My profile

If you want to change your profile name once you have set it up, you can do so on the ‘your account’ page.

Common reasons for rejecting a profile photo include poor image quality, obscured face, image distortion, second person is in the picture, sex act or pornography.

Once you’ve joined, your profile picture will be shown on your profile page, on search results pages, and in ‘matches’ emails sent to other members. To reach more people, your photo can appear on the website.
Your gallery pictures will only be shown to My Cupid subscribers. You can choose who can view a gallery picture.

Yes. There is no limitation of adding photos in your gallery.

Your profile picture should be a true portrait of yourself – hiding behind a big hat, or with an arm around your ex does not make a good picture.

Every member appears in the search results. More information about you will give better search results.

My Cupid does not share profiles with any other dating services. The only profiles on My Cupid are those of users who have registered.

An experienced team of moderators review all profiles and monitor My Cupid. Be assured that My Cupid does not create ‘false profiles’ for any purpose whatsoever, and has never done so, nor does the site enable ‘mass’ message from one person to thousands of others.

Just fill out the answers and write a bit about yourself, and what you’re looking for. The more you share, the more you’re likely to be contacted by other My Cupid users. If you’re stuck for words, try thinking about how you might start a conversation, and don’t stress – you can edit your profile at any time.

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Profile privacy

You can unhide people by clicking on the hide icon. Hovering your mouse over this section will turn the text from ‘He’s/She’s hidden’ to ‘Unhide him/her’.

To view a list of those who you have hidden, please click on the ‘Members I have hidden’ link located left-handft hand side of the ‘Find a soulmate’ page.

The user will not be found as you have hidden them from all search results.

The hide button will only appear in the ‘Your matches’ and ‘Find a soulmate’ search results, and is not featured on other areas of the site, although you can use the ‘Hide’ button whilst viewing a person’s full profile.

‘Hide’ prevents a Soulmate from appearing in your search results and matches. People who you’ve hidden can still ‘like’ you and send you messages. ‘Block’ will stop someone from appearing on all pages of the site, including search results, matches, ‘Soulmates who like you’ and ‘Views’. Messages from a person that you have blocked will not be delivered to you.

Yes. The ‘Hide’ button only removes a profile from your search results. Soulmates you’ve hidden can still ‘like’ you, view your profile, send you a message, and appear in the ‘Most popular’, ‘New on Guardian Soulmates’ and ‘Recently updated profiles’ pages. If you want to prevent a person from sending you messages please use the ‘Block’ feature.

If you want to take a break from Soulmates you can hide your profile on the ‘your account’ page. This feature is so that you can maintain your Soulmates profile and return to it later if you wish. When hidden, all of your profile content and your messages stay saved.
Notification settings aren’t affected – you can send likes and messages and people will be notified as normal. Your subscription will continue throughout – you can easily make your profile visible again at any time and carry on using Soulmates.

You can use the ‘Hide’ button to stop people appearing in ‘Your matches’ and your ‘Find a soulmate’ search results.

You will be asked to enter your post code or town when editing your profile. The post code will not be visible on your profile and is only used to match you with other Soulmates users. You’ll see options for the location on your profile, selecting whether you want to share your detail of your local area, or just your town, county or country.

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Searching and results

The slider tool let you tell us how important each criteria is to you when looking for a Soulmate. For instance, if you are looking for someone of a particular height, and this is very important to you, move the slider over to the right towards ‘Essential’.

We use the criteria you select in the ‘Who you’re looking for’ page to create a list of compatible Soulmates in ‘Your matches’. The list is based on two-way matching, taking into account the importance of each criteria to you and your match. You can choose the importance of each matching criteria by using the slider tool. The ‘Find a soulmate’page allows you to search for other Soulmates and easily change your search criteria by age, location and keyword, and sort them by best match, age, last login and recently updated.

Once you have performed a basic or advanced search on the ‘Find a soulmate’ page, a yellow bar will appear above your search results with a link to ‘Save this search’. Simply choose a name for your search and click ’Save’. You can save up to 10 searches.

Subscribers can filter their search results. On the search results page, as well as ‘the basics’ (gender, age, location) you can apply filters on other categories. Your search results will update as you change these options.

Anyone can search by gender, age, location, and whether someone has a photo. If you’re logged in, we’ll try to show you people who might be a good match for you. You can change your search criteria from the search results page.

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Contacting other users

‘Like’ them back, and we’ll send them an email telling them you’re interested in them too. Or you can send them a message and see what happens! Any member can ‘like’ someone but you need to subscribe before you can send messages.

If there are any problems with people you meet through Soulmates, please contact our customer services team with your username, their username, and a description of the problem. The team will investigate and take appropriate action.

A first message needn’t be very long. It’s good to show that you’ve read their profile and you’re interested in what they’ve said. You can see if they’ve read your message by looking at the message from your sent mail. You mustn’t share contact details in a first message.

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Subscriptions and payment

Just go to Your subscription status and select Stop ongoing payments to stop any further payments being taken. On the date your next payment would have been due, your subscription will end and you will lose access to subscriber benefits and access to messages.

Like most dating services we will automatically take monthly payments. We do this so you keep your subscriber benefits from month to month.

To see your subscription details, go to Your subscription status. This will show the date and amount of your last and next payments.

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Account settings

Go to ‘Your account’ and choose ‘Reset your password’. We will email you information on how to reset your password.

Go to ‘Your account’ and choose ‘Change your password’. We will ask for your current password, then your new one.

Go to ‘Your account’ and choose ‘Change your email address.
We will send an email to this new address and ask you to click a link in this email to confirm the change.

Yes. You can choose not to receive notifications of new messages, people you like, and certain special offer messages. Go to ‘your account’ page to see the options.

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Other questions

Our customer service team is happy to help. You can contact them by using the form below.

We love hearing success stories, so please be sure to send yours to us via the contact form below. We love receiving holiday snaps, wedding pictures and baby photos, although unfortunately we can’t send the editor of the Guardian along to make a speech on your big day.

If you are not using your Soulmates profile for a while, you can choose to ‘hide’ your profile. You can delete your profile on the ‘your account’ page but please note that once deleted, we can’t reinstate your profile.

Your private information (email address, date of birth, etc) won’t be shown to anyone.
Some of your profile – like your picture and username – can be viewed by visitors to Soulmates. Your full profile can be viewed by logged-in Soulmates subscribers. OurPrivacy policy has the full detail on this.

We don’t allow under-18s to join. We don’t want people who are married and looking for an affair to join – we’re not that kind of site. We also don’t allow people with criminal convictions for violence or fraud to join.

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